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Candle Care and Instructions

All candles are made from all natural soy wax and are lightly fragranced with high-quality essential oils. If you have purchased one of my candles, see below for burning instructions and tips for repurposing the pottery.

Burning Instructions

To ensure your candles burn clean and last longer, keep the wick trimmed to its original height of 3/16" or 1/4" before each lighting.


Wood wicks produce an ashy top and if the ashy top becomes too long, the wick will not light or stay lit.

Typically, it's best to remove the ashy top every 1-2 burns. Wood wicks may require multiple relights.

It's best to burn your candles a minimum of 1 hour and no longer than 5 hours at one time. NEVER leave burning candle unattended.

Always burn your candle to the outside of the container to avoid tunneling.


Repurpose your candle

Line a deep baking sheet or bread pan with parchment paper.


Place remaining candle upside down in the middle of baking sheet.


Place in cool oven and preheat to 350 degrees with candle inside. (Pottery will crack if it undergoes sudden temperature change) DO NOT MICROWAVE- wooden wick has metal at the bottom that will set fire.


Once all the wax has been melted out, remove baking sheet from oven and using oven mitt, carefully lift pottery and wipe clean with paper towel.


Wash clean with soap and warm water and pottery is ready to be used for anything!


All Pottery by Suz is food safe, dishwasher safe, and microwave safe (once wick is removed).

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